November 2, 2015

Building Employee Engagement into Leadership Systems

How do we improve employee engagement? The IQC touches over 30,000 associate members in our great state; 110+ companies. When asking them about leadership challenges; one of the most frequently occurring responses we get is: Employee Engagement.
November 1, 2015
Picture of a magnifying glass for analyze data

“But We Don’t Have Time to Analyze Data”

I was meeting with a client a few weeks ago, discussing their current situation and trying to come to consensus on how I could best support him and his organization. This young manager was new to this particular site and part of the organization. Also, I had been working with this facility for just about year in helping them with key quality issues. In our discussions however, he said something to me that I found very concerning, but yet not so strange. This individual told me “we need to get results; we don’t have time to analyze data”.